We primarily work locally produced raw materials from our Garfagnana.

They are treated with love and respect for your joy and ours.

Please tell us about any intollerances and allergies

Taste itineraries

Served to the whole table

“Our cuisine”

Tasting of 4 courses 40,00€


“Our territory”

Tasting of 7 courses 50,00€

Accompanied by wine by the glass 25,00€

Cover 2€

Water Azzurrina 2€

Please inform us about any intollerances and allergies.
You can find a list of the allergens in the menù and you can always ask our staff.


Knife-cut Garfagnana beef tartare and a sweet and sour stem of wild garlic, served with local oil and our mayonnaise


Primosale Caprino Cheese , wild herbs, straw syrup, salted crumble and smoked trout


Knife-cut 30-month-aged Prosciutto crudo


Poached egg on a pecorino cream and…


Livers, caramelised onions, elder caper and crisp chestnuts


First courses

Pappardelle with casserole Guinea-fowl ragu


Rice “acquerello” with Appennin ricotta, wild herbs and grated trout


Second courses

Beef steak


Marinated trout, peas and fava beans cream, nettle wafer and mayonnaise



Via Roma, 29 - Castelnuovo di Garfagnana LU